A chip is a shot that has minimum air time and maximum roll. (10-15 feet from the edge of the green) The move is the same for each club that you select. The only thing that changes is the air to ground time ratio.

The Ratio

SW, PW – 1 to 1 (1part air to 1part ground or roll)
  • 9 iron – 1 to 2
  • 8 iron – 1 to 3
  • 7 iron – 1 to 4…
…and so on, this ratio is a educated guess based on a flat lie and a flat green, adjustments must be made for a up or down hill shot.

The Start / Set up

To put the club in the playing position you must:

  • Raise the handle 4 inches and then press the handle forward (toward the target)
  • Stand close to the ball so that the grip is in front of your belt buckle
  • Grip down on the club almost to the metal or graphite shaft your putter grip may be used to prevent the wrist hinge
  • Ball position for the basic chip is back or middle back of the stance (wherever you make crisp contact)
  • Stance is narrow and slightly open to the target with your front foot bumped back about 2-4 inches (this clears the hips and keeps a quiet lower body)
  • The weight should favor the front foot (this promotes a descending blow)
Chipping || Start
Chipping || To
Chipping || Finish

To / The Stroke

The stroke is a one lever stroke identical to you putting stroke with minimal wrist action. Characteristics of a chip shot swing are as follows:
  • Short backswing (knee high at the most)
  • Descending blow on the back of the ball
  • Shaft leaning forward at impact
  • Head still focus on the contact
  • Finish with the shaft still pointed at the ground

The Finish Position

  • Keep the right wrist bent backwards with the palm facing down through impact
  • Hold the finish position with the head still and feel the proper swing, adjust if necessary
  • Visualize where you want the ball to land, rehearse in the pre shot routine
  • Multiple practice swings and visualization will help you to gain feel
  • If the club head / shaft is pointed up at the sky then you are flipping your wrists through the stroke

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